HOS Changes Are Being Considered!!! Speak Your Peace!!!

Are you aware of the FMCSA’s current Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that is aimed at reviewing & potentially significantly changing HOS rules that affect us all?

Specifically, the FMCSA is reviewing:

* The short-haul HOS limit (extending it from 12 to 14 hours)

* The HOS exception for adverse driving conditions (extending the 11 and 14 hour clocks by 2 hours in adverse conditions)

* Elimination of the 30 minute rest break provision

* Sleeper berth rule (adding more flexibility to split sleeper berth time)

* Adding an off-duty rest break of up to 3 consecutive hours per 14 hour duty period, that won’t count against the 14 hour clock

* Elimination of the prohibition against driving after the 14th hour of the beginning of the work shift

* Allowing drivers to use multiple off-duty periods of 3 hours or longer in lieu of having 10 consecutive hours off-duty

Are you aware that the FMCSA has been asking for our input on these proposed changes for more than a month now?  They opened the public comment period on August 24 & gave us until September 24 to comment. Due to low participation, they extended the comment period by 2 weeks, until October 8.

Are you aware that, of the millions of truckers who could be affected by the proposed changes, to date there are only 2,642 comments?  That’s less than 0.01 percent of truckers who have a vested interest in the proposed revisions.

We collectively speak of work stoppages & useless tactics to bring attention to our issues, yet when asked directly for input by the governing source, we don’t bother to respond.

This is our chance to have our voices heard. This is the first such request by the FMCSA that I have seen, where the changes are about US. Don’t let this opportunity pass with no action on your part.

Please follow the links that I’m providing, and take action today on this very important matter that will affect us all, regardless of your position in this industry.

Here is the FMCSA announcement:


Here is the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking:


Here is a link to view comments already posted:


Here is a link to post your comments: